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Case M1/2018

The Queen v. Dennis Bauer (a pseudonym) (No 2)

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Lower Court Judgment

30/06/2017 Supreme Court of Victoria (Court of Appeal) (Priest J, Kyrou J and Kaye J)

[2017] VSCA 176


Criminal law – Appeal against conviction – Sexual offences against child – Re-trial after appeal – Where trial judge permitted previously recorded evidence of complainant to be tendered – Whether Court of Appeal erred in finding trial judge erred in permitting previously recorded evidence to be tendered as evidence in re-trial – Tendency evidence – Whether Court of Appeal erred in holding substantial miscarriage of justice because of admission of tendency evidence – Proper approach to tendency evidence where prosecution seeks to prove tendency on evidence from complainant and source independent of complainant – Severance – Whether Court of Appeal erred in holding failure to sever charge 2 occasioned substantial miscarriage of justice – Whether Court of Appeal erred in holding admission of previous statement of complaint occasioned substantial miscarriage of justice. 

Short Particulars


15/12/2017 Hearing (SLA, Melbourne)

02/01/2018 Notice of appeal

02/02/2018 Written submissions (Appellant)

02/02/2018 Chronology (Appellant)

02/03/2018 Written submissions (Respondent)

02/03/2018 Chronology (Respondent)

23/03/2018 Reply  (Appellant)

03/04/2018 Reply (Respondent)

13/06/2018 Hearing (Full Court, Canberra)