Current cases

These are the current cases before the Full Court, including:

  • Appeals;
  • Special leave applications which have been referred to be heard by an enlarged Bench; and
  • Matters in the original jurisdiction to be heard by the Full Court.

Brief details are provided for each matter together with the parties' written submissions as they are filed. Matters are displayed on this page until the judgment is handed down by the Court.

Online video recordings are gradually being restored and made available.

Case No.

Short Title

M73/2018; M74/2018 AB v. CD; EF v. CD
A32/2018 Australian Securities & Investments Commission v. Kobelt
B47/2018 Brisbane City Council v. Amos
S352/2018 Bell Lawyers Pty Ltd v. Pentelow & Anor
S46/2019 BVD17 v. Minister for Immigration and Border Protection & Anor
M137/2018 Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts Australia Pty Ltd v. Commonwealth of Australia & Ors
C12/2018 Comcare v. Banerji
M52/2019 Commissioner of Taxation v. Sharpcan Pty Ltd
M203/2018 Connective Services Pty Ltd & Anor v. Slea Pty Ltd & Ors
B20/2019 Fennell v. The Queen
M136/2018 Frugtniet v. Australian Securities & Investments Commission
S256/2018 Glencore International AG & Ors v. Commissioner of Taxation of the Commonwealth of Australia & Ors
P17/2019 Kalimuthu & Anor v. Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police
L Lee v. C Lee & Ors
Hsu v. RACQ Insurance Limited
C Lee v. RACQ Insurance Limited
S110/2019 Lordianto & Anor v. Commissioner of Australian Federal Police
Love v. Commonwealth of Australia
Thoms v. Commonwealth of Australia
M197/2018 Mann & Anor v. Paterson Constructions Pty Ltd
S6/2019 Masson v. Parsons & Ors
M162/2018 Minogue v. State of Victoria
D11/2018 The Northern Territory of Australia v. Sangare
B19/2019 Palmer & Ors v. Australian Electoral Commission & Ors
S140/2018 Parkes Shire Council v. South West Helicopters Pty Limited
M47/2018 Plaintiff M47/2018 v. Minister for Home Affairs & Anor

The Queen v. A2
The Queen v. Magennis
The Queen v. Vaziri

Rinehart & Anor v. Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd & Ors
Rinehart & Anor v. Georgine Hope Rinehart (in her personal capacity and as trustee of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust and as trustee of HFMF Trust) & Ors
B35/2018 Spence v. State of Queensland
M36/2018 Taylor v. Attorney-General of the Commonwealth
M134/2018 Victorian Building Authority v. Andriotis

It may not be possible to display all the information relating to a case, some information may be suppressed.  The suppression may be as a result of a court order or the operation of legislation.