Applying for an associateship with a Justice of the High Court of Australia

To apply for an associateship with a particular Justice, an applicant should write directly to the Justice with whom s/he would like to work. Alternatively, if you are interested in working for any one of the Justices without any preference then you should write to the Chief Executive and Principal Registrar, and s/he will raise your interest with the Justices. You should include a current CV and an academic transcript with your letter.

Generally there are no specific closing dates for applications but it is common for the Justices to appoint their associates two and three years in advance. An application should indicate the years the applicant would be available for employment.

Competition for appointment is very strong and there are sometimes upwards of 200 applications for potential vacancies. The normal expectation is that a person appointed as an associate will have graduated with first class honours and will preferably have research experience (and often experience working for a law firm or university or another court).

For general information about the Court, applicants should peruse the information available on this website, including the Court's Annual Reports. The address for correspondence is:

High Court of Australia
Parkes Place
Canberra ACT 2600

Chief Justice Kiefel
The Honourable Chief Justice Susan Kiefel invites applications from interested applicants for the position of Associate in her Honour’s chambers for the periods commencing 2023.

A first class honours degree in law is a minimum requirement. Some experience in practice will assist. Candidates with post graduate qualifications will be preferred.

Applicants should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, copy of their academic transcript and past legal experience.  References will also be required.

Justice Gageler
The Honourable Justice Stephen Gageler will appoint two associates each January to commence in January and July of the following year. Applicants should forward expressions of interest to Justice Gageler's Chambers in October of the preceding year and include a curriculum vitae and academic transcripts.

Candidates with postgraduate qualifications in law and prior experience as a judge's associate will generally be preferred. The next appointments will occur in January 2019 to commence in January and July 2020.  Expressions of interest should be forwarded in October 2018. Applications close 31 October  2018.