New Books

The New Books is a list of new titles added each month to the High Court of Australia Library. It is compiled in the first week of the next month (except January) and is not cumulative. The December-January issue is a double issue.

This page contains the current year only.


      December 2017 - January 2018 (PDF 689kb)   

      November 2017 (PDF 709kb)

      October 2017 (PDF 702kb)

      September 2017 (PDF 684kb)

      August 2017 (PDF 711kb)

      June-July 2017 (PDF 684kb)

      April 2017 (PDF 682kb)

      March 2017 (PDF 680kb)

      February 2017 (PDF 686kb)

      December 2016 - January 2017 (PDF 658kb)       



For enquiries concerning the New Books List contact:

Margaret Hutchison
Manager, Technical Services and Collection Development
High Court of Australia Library
Ph. (02) 6270 6911