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Case C14/2016


Questions referred pursuant to section 376 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Cth)
Re Robert John Day AO

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Questions referred by the Senate - Court of Disputed Returns - Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Cth) - s376, s377 - Qualification of Senator - Constitution - s44(v) - Direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth -  Whether former Senator was at any time incapable of sitting as a Senator.

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07/11/2016 Questions referred by the Senate

21/11/2016 Determination (Single Justice, Canberra v/link Sydney)

21/11/2016 Directions Hearing (Single Justice, Canberra v/link Sydney)

22/11/2016 Order (French CJ, 21/11/2016)

12/12/2016 Directions Hearing (Single Justice, Canberra v/link Sydney)

06/01/2017 Written submissions (Attorney-General of the Commonwealth)

06/01/2017 Written submissions (Ms A McEwen)

17/01/2017 Hearing (Single Justice, Melbourne v/link Sydney)

19/01/2017 Written submissions (Mr R J Day)

20/01/2017 Hearing (Single Justice, Melbourne)

23/01/2017 Hearing (Single Justice, Melbourne)

24/01/2017 Hearing (Single Justice, Melbourne)

27/01/2017 Judgment (Gordon J)

30/01/2017 Reply (Ms A McEwen)

31/01/2017 Reply (Attorney-General of the Commonwealth)

01/02/2016 Amended submissions (Attorney-General of the Commonwealth)

07/02/2017 Hearing (Court of Disputed Returns, Canberra) (Audio-visual recording)

05/04/2017 Judgment (Judgment summary)

11/04/2017 Hearing (Single Justice, Melbourne v/link Adelaide)

19/04/2017 Hearing (Court of Disputed Returns, Melbourne)