Case P59/2016

Forrest & Forrest Pty Ltd v. Wilson & Ors

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7/07/2016 Supreme Court of Western Australia (Court of Appeal) (McLure P, Newnes JA, Murphy JA)

[2016] WASCA 116


Mining law - Proper construction of s 74, s 74A and s 75 of Mining Act 1978 (WA) - Meaning of 'accompanied by' in s 74(1) - Whether lodgement of documents specified in s 74(1)(ca)(ii) a jurisdictional fact or a condition of validity - Whether failure to lodge mining operations statement a mandatory relevant consideration.

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10/11/2016 Hearing (SLA, Canberra)

22/11/2016 Notice of appeal

24/11/2016 Submitting appearance (First respondent)

29/11/2016 Submitting appearance (Second to fourth respondents)

14/12/2016 Written submissions (Appellant)

14/12/2016 Chronology (Appellant)

06/02/2017 Hearing (Single Justice, Canberra v/link Perth)

01/03/2016 Written submissions (Second to fourth respondents)

01/03/2017 Written submissions (Attorney-General for the State of Western Australia appearing as amicus curiae)

10/03/2017 Reply

31/03/2017 Hearing (Full Court, Canberra) (Audio-visual recording)

17/08/2017 Judgment (Judgment summary)