Special Leave Dispositions

Publication of Reasons and Pronouncement of Orders

The High Court Rules 2004 provide that the Court may determine leave and special leave applications on the papers without an oral hearing.  In those cases, the applications are not listed for hearing but for publication of reasons and pronouncement of orders only.

The Court publishes these dispositions for applications determined on the papers. The dispositions are available on the AustLII website at http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/HCASL/ and on the Jade website at http://jade.barnet.com.au/c/HCASL.

The results of the applications are available at https://www.hcourt.gov.au/registry/special-leave-applications-results-2022.


Information on judgments delivered by the Court  is available at http://www.hcourt.gov.au/publications/judgments.