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Case H2/2018

Preston v. Avery & Anor

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M46/2018 – Clubb v. Edwards & Anor

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Constitutional law – Implied freedom of political communication – Reproductive Health (Access to Termination) Act 2013 (Tas) s 9(2) – Where s 9(2) prohibits protest in relation to terminations that is able to be seen or heard by person accessing or attempting to access premises at which terminations provided – Where appellant convicted in Hobart Court of Petty Sessions of contraventions of s 9(2) – Whether s 9(2) impermissibly burdens implied freedom of political communication.


23/03/2018 Hearing (Single Justice, Melbourne V/link Adelaide and Hobart)

05/04/2018 Cause removed

06/04/2018 Amended notice of appeal

06/04/2018 Notice of Constitutional Matter (Mr Preston)

06/07/2018 Written submissions (Mr Preston)

06/07/2018 Chronology (Mr Preston)

03/08/2018 Written submissions (Ms Avery & Mr Wilkie)

17/08/2018 Reply

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