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The information provided in these pages is to assist you in preparing your application.  The information provided here is not a substitute for legal advice. The content of this website is intended for informational purposes only and the court is not providing legal advice by or through the availability of this information.

Links to the High Court Rules and Amendments are available at Filing documents.

Should you have any questions you should contact an Office of the Registry.  A complete list of the offices and their locations is available at the Offices of the Registry page.

There are some frequently used forms available to download at Forms.

Information regarding fees payable in the High Court of Australia is available at Fees.

  • Registry Office Services (PDF 21k) (RTF 36k)
  • How to commence a civil special leave application if you are representing yourself  (PDF 22k) (RTF 150k)
  • How to commence a criminal special leave application if you are representing yourself  (PDF 22k) (RTF 133k)
  • Information about applications to show cause commenced after 1 July 2018 (PDF 17k) (RTF 58k)
  • Information on preparing application books (PDF 37k) (RTF 1Mb)
  • Information on preparing appeal books for matters commenced after 1 January 2018 (PDF 42k) (RTF 1Mb)