Full Court Minute Books

Current cases - submissions

These are the current cases to be heard by the Full Court, including:

  • Appeals;
  • Special leave applications which have been referred to be heard by an enlarged Bench; and
  • Matters in the original jurisdiction to be heard by the Full Court.

Brief details are provided for each matter together with the parties' written submissions as they are filed. 

Online video recordings are gradually being restored and made available.  (The previous service provider that the Court used to host videos of its sittings ceased operations from Monday 30 May.)

Case No.

Short Title

M33/2017 Aldi Foods Pty Limited v. Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees Association & Anor
S186/2017 Attorney General for New South Wales v. Burns & Ors
S187/2017 Attorney General for New South Wales v. Burns & Ors
M65/2017 Australian Building and Construction Commission v. Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union & Anor
M187/2016 The Australian Workers' Union v. Esso Australia Pty Ltd
M28/2017 BRF038 v. Republic of Nauru
S144/2017 Briggs v. State of New South Wales

Burns v. Corbett & Ors


Burns v. Gaynor & Ors


Clone Pty Ltd v. Players Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) (Receivers & Managers Appointed) & Ors


Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police v. Hart & Ors:
Commonwealth of Australia v. Yak 3 Investments Pty Ltd & Ors:
Commonwealth of Australia & Anor v. Flying Fighters Pty Ltd & Ors

B24/2017 Craig v. The Queen
M20/2017 DWN042 v. Republic of Nauru
M185/2016 Esso Australia Pty Ltd v. The Australian Workers' Union
S31/2017 Falzon v. Minister for Immigration and Border Protection
M27/2017 HRM045 v. Republic of Nauru
P21/2017 Kalbasi v. The State of Western Australia
B20/2017 Koani v. The Queen
A17/2017 Maxcon Constructions Pty Ltd v. Vadasz & Ors
M21/2017 MEG027 & Anor v. Republic of Nauru
B33/2017 Pike & Anor v. Tighe & Ors
M174/2016 Plaintiff M174/2016 v. Minister for Immigration and Border Protection & Anor
S145/2017 Probuild Constructions (Aust) Pty Ltd v. Shade Systems Pty Ltd & Anor
M71/2017 Regional Express Holdings Limited v. Australian Federation of Air Pilots
M32/2016 ResourceCo Material Solutions Pty Ltd & Anor v. State of Victoria & Anor
S188/2017 State of New South Wales v. Burns & Ors
B14/2017 Thorne v. Kennedy
M88/2017 Trkulija v. Google Inc
S141/2017 Woollahra Municipal Council v. Minister for Local Government & Ors

It may not be possible to display all the information relating to a case, some information may be suppressed.  The suppression may be as a result of a court order or the operation of legislation.