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High Court Employee Level 6 (8 months non-ongoing)

$81,184 - $92,316 plus Superannuation

The ICT Helpdesk Officer is responsible for the provision of 1st and 2nd level ICT support to High Court staff in addition to back up support for the Court’s courtroom technology systems.  To be successful in the role you will have a good understanding of service delivery through an IT Help Desk, have sound communication and interpersonal skills, and be able to participate constructively as a team member.

The High Court of Australia operates approximately 80 desktop and 50 laptop computers and has WAN connections to offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

The Court uses virtualised Windows Servers (2008/12/16), including File and Print, and Exchange 2016 for messaging.  Our desktops and laptops are using Windows 7 and 10.  Our SOE includes the MS Office 2016 suite, mostly with Acrobat Pro.  Our desktops and laptops are controlled with management appliances, and servers use CommVault for backup.  The Court has recently initiated work to move services to the cloud.

This position is located in the High Court building Parkes Place Canberra, and willingness to travel interstate is a requirement of the position.

The closing date for applications is Thursday 18 July 2019, by 11:00pm AEST.

Job Pack (DOCX) (PDF)


High Court Employee Level 6 Part time ongoing

Canberra - Three days a week/22.5 hours (some evening and Sunday work is required)

$81,184 - $92,316pa paid on a pa pro rata basis on hours worked plus Superannuation

Public Information and Education Group within the Court conducts educational programs for school groups and the general public with a view to enhancing awareness of the Court’s constitutional role and the rule of law. This is provided through education talks, the website, publications, media releases, events and concerts.

We are seeking a passionate educator with the skills to oversee and lead a group of dedicated Court Guides in their delivery of specialised material to school groups and the public. This role is also responsible for the planning, development, motivating and organising staff on a roster basis as well as developing and overseeing the delivery and evaluation of educational based programs.

The closing date is Monday 22 July 2019 at 10am.

Job Pack (DOC) (PDF)

Salary $74,070 plus 15.4% Superannuation.

To apply for an associateship with a particular Justice, an applicant should write directly to the Justice with whom s/he would like to work. Alternatively, if you are interested in working for any one of the Justices without any preference then you should write to the Chief Executive and Principal Registrar, and s/he will raise your interest with the Justices. You should include a current CV and an academic transcript with your letter.

Generally there are no specific closing dates for applications but it is common for the Justices to appoint their associates two and three years in advance. An application should indicate the years the applicant would be available for employment.

Competition for appointment is very strong and there are sometimes upwards of 200 applications for potential vacancies. The normal expectation is that a person appointed as an associate will have graduated with first class honours and will preferably have research experience (and often experience working for a law firm or university or another court).

For general information about the Court, applicants should peruse the information available on this website, including the Court's Annual Reports. The address for correspondence is:

High Court of Australia
Parkes Place
Canberra ACT 2600

Chief Justice Kiefel
The Honourable Chief Justice Susan Kiefel has now appointed associates up to and including 2024.  Her Honour has no further associate positions available. Any previous applications received will not be further considered.

Justice Bell
Justice Bell has appointed her Associates until her retirement in March 2021. Further applications will not be considered.

Justice Gageler
The Honourable Justice Stephen Gageler will appoint two associates each January to commence in January and July of the following year. Applicants should forward expressions of interest to Justice Gageler's Chambers in October of the preceding year and include a curriculum vitae and academic transcripts.

Candidates with postgraduate qualifications in law and prior experience as a judge's associate will generally be preferred. The next appointments will occur in January 2020 to commence in January and July 2021.  Expressions of interest should be forwarded in October 2019. Applications close 31 October  2019.

The High Court maintains a register to assist in filling non-ongoing (temporary) employment opportunities that may arise nationally. The register is used to allow Managers to search for suitable candidates when a vacancy arises. The positions may be located in any of our offices which are located in all capital cities.

These vacancies are non-ongoing (temporary) employment opportunities and contracts may vary from a few days to 12 months depending on the business requirement. Often these positions are required to be filled at short notice. The positions may be full time, part time or casual. Casual positions can be of an intermittent nature with hours and working days varying as required.

Positions are mainly office based and may be filled at the HCE 1-6 level or Executive 1 and 2 levels – the structure is similar to the Australian Public Service. Positions may become available in a range of disciplines including; Cleaners, Court Guides, Court Reporters, Client Services, Human Resources, Communications, Media & Marketing, Project Management, Personal Assistant and  IT disciplines.

The High Court’s Non-ongoing (Temporary) Employment register is re-advertised every 12 months. At the end of each 12 month period you will need to re-apply to the new register if you are still interested in non-ongoing employment with the High Court.

Candidates may be contacted to assess suitability and availability as employment opportunities arise.

Vacancies may be either specified term or intermittent non-ongoing (temporary) employment opportunities. Contracts may vary from a few days to 12 months depending on the business requirement of the High Court of Australia.

Please complete the employment form available below along with your resume and summary of experience in your relevant field and email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please title your email Temporary Register.


Please note that you must be an Australian citizen to be eligible for employment with the High Court, you will also require a Police check and a medical, both must be satisfactory for employment.

Temporary employment register application form (PDF 56k) (RTF 252k)