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Case S143/2018

Rinehart & Anor v. Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd & Ors
Rinehart & Anor v. Georgina Hope Rinehart (in her personal capacity and as trustee of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust and as trustee of the HFMF Trust) & Ors

Case No.

S143/2018; S144/2018

Case Information

Lower Court Judgment

27/10/2017; 15/12/2017 Federal Court of Australia (Allsop CJ, Besanko J, O'Callaghan J)

[2017] FCAFC 170

[2017] FCAFC 208


Arbitration – Arbitration agreements – Interpretation – Where parties entered into series of deeds containing arbitration agreements – Where primary judge ordered trial of question whether arbitration agreements in deeds null and void, inoperative or incapable of being performed – Where Full Court stayed proceeding and referred parties to arbitration – Whether Full Court erred in concluding arbitration clauses expressed to cover disputes “under” agreement extended to disputes concerning the validity of the deeds or provisions thereof.    


18/05/2018 Hearing (SLA, Sydney)

01/06/2018 Notice of appeal

06/07/2018 Written submissions - S143/2018 (Appellants)

06/07/2018 Written submissions - S144/2018 (Appellants)

06/07/2018 Chronology (Appellants)

03/08/2018 Written submissions (Respondents)

24/08/2018 Reply

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