Speeches/Articles by Justice Keane AC


"The People and the Constitution”, Lucinda Lecture, Monash University, Melbourne, 11 August 2016 (PDF 91K) (RTF 224K)


"Good Barristers; Bad Days”, Queensland Bar Practice Course, Brisbane, 28 May 2015. (PDF 58K) (RTF 112K)

"Sir Edward Coke”, Supreme Court Library Selden Society Lecture, Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law, Brisbane, 23 April 2015. (PDF 123K) (RTF 369K)


"The Idea of the Professional Judge: The Challenges of Communication”, Judicial Conference of Australia Colloquium, Noosa, 11 October 2014. (PDF 115K) (RTF 204K)

"Speech at the Silks Dinner”, Australian Bar Association Dinner, High Court of Australia, Canberra, 3 February 2014. (PDF 26K) (RTF 69K)