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sealed_orderThese are some commonly used precedent forms which are available to download as pdf or rtf documents. The High Court of Australia makes every effort to ensure that all the forms on this site are up-to-date. If you use a form from this web site, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is in the current format.

Amendments to the Hight Court Rules 2004 are due to take effect on 1 July 2016.  These amendments will change the procedures for special leave applications and removal applications.  Updated forms and notes are available for matters to be commenced after 1 July 2016. 

New Prescribed forms coming into effect
on 1 July 2016

Form 17 - Application for removal (PDF 14k) (RTF 79k)

Form 18 - Response to application for removal (PDF 10k) (RTF 74k)

Form 23 - Application for leave or special leave to appeal (PDF 14k) (RTF 71k)

Form 23A - Response to application for leave or special leave to appeal (PDF 10k) (RTF 74k)

Form 27F - Outline of oral argument (PDF 10k) (RTF 73k)

Prescribed Forms

A complete list of prescribed forms is available at Schedule 1 of the High Court of Australia Rules 2004

Form 1 - Notice of constitutional matter (PDF 10k) (RTF 33k)

Form 1A - Notice of intervention (PDF 10k) (RTF 67k)

Form 2 - Judgment (PDF 10k) (RTF 32k)

Form 3 - Order (PDF 10k) (RTF 23k)

Form 4 - Consent (PDF 9k) (RTF 32k)

Form 7 - Notice of appearance (PDF 9k) (RTF 31k)

Form 8 - Submitting appearance (PDF 9k) (RTF 32k)

Form 9 - Conditional appearance (PDF 9k) (RTF 32k)

Form 12 - Application for order to show cause (PDF 12k) (RTF 43k)

Form 17 - Application for removal (PDF 12k) (RTF 43k)

Form 18 - Applicant's summary of argument (PDF 13k) (RTF 75k)

Form 19 - Respondent's summary of argument (PDF 12k) (RTF 69k)

Form 20 - Writ of summons (PDF 12k) (RTF 42k)

Form 21 - Summons (PDF 29k) (RTF 32k)

Form 22 - Election Petition (PDF 13k) (RTF 77k)

Form 23 - Application for leave or special leave to appeal (PDF 11k) (RTF 35k)

Form 24 - Notice of appeal (PDF 11k) (RTF 35k)

Form 25 - Notice of discontinuance (PDF 9k) (RTF 31k)

Form 26 - Notice of cross-appeal (PDF 10k) (RTF 34k)

Form 27 - Notice of contention (PDF 10k) (RTF 36k)

Form 27A - Appellant's submissions (PDF 16k) (RTF 79k)

Form 27B - Appellant's chronology (PDF 10k) (RTF 74k)

Form 27C - Intervener's submissions (PDF 14k) (RTF 77k)

Form 27D - Respondent's submissions (PDF 14k) (RTF 77k)

Form 27E - Reply (PDF 10k) (RTF 73k)

Form 28 - Bill of costs (PDF 20k) (RTF 79k)

Form 31 - Application for leave to issue proceeding (PDF 10k) (RTF 74k)

Other forms - Fees

Party category form (PDF 42k) (RTF 658k)

Application for exemption from filing and hearing fees (PDF 36k) (RTF 622k)

Application to pay the financial hardship fee (PDF 87k) (RTF 870k)

Other forms - Example documents

Example Affidavit (PDF 18k) (RTF 95k)

Certificate of correctness (PDF 10k) (RTF 19k)

Legislative Provisions coversheet (PDF 10k) (RTF 42k)

Authorities  (PDF 13k) (RTF 45k)

Example civil appeal book index (PDF 19k) (RTF 131k)

Example criminal appeal book index (PDF 22k) (RTF 83k)

Example civil special leave application book index (PDF 17k) (RTF 99k)

Example criminal special leave application book index (PDF 17k) (RTF 100k)

Example removal application book index (PDF 17k) (RTF 80k)

Example civil migration special leave application book index (PDF 17k) (RTF 100k)

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