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2007 Judgment summaries

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13 December 2007
Koompahtoo Local Aboriginal Land Council v Sanpine Pty Limited (PDF 28k)
Channel Seven Adelaide Pty Ltd v Manock (PDF 27k)
Evans v The Queen (PDF 30k)
12 December 2007
WGC v The Queen (PDF 25k)
Australian Finance Direct Limited v Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria (PDF 30k)
7 December 2007
Foots v Southern Cross Mine Management Pty Ltd (PDF 30k)
6 December 2007
Gately v The Queen (PDF 25k)
5 December 2007
Bluebottle UK Limited v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation (PDF 30k)


15 November 2007
Queensland Premier Mines Pty Ltd v French (PDF 32k)
14 November 2007
Director of Public Prosecutions for Victoria v Le (PDF 32k)
8 November 2007
Elliott v The Queen; Blessington v The Queen (PDF 32k)
Weston Aluminium Pty Limited v Environment Protection Authority (PDF 32k)
PM v The Queen (PDF 32k)
Washer v The State of Western Australia (PDF 32k)


23 October 2007
Carr v The State of Western Australia (PDF 32k)
4 October 2007
Em v The Queen (PDF 34k)
3 October 2007
Westfield Management Limited v Perpetual Trustee Company Limited (PDF 32k)


27 September 2007
East Australian Pipeline Pty Limited v Australian Competition and Consumer Commissio (PDF 32k)
26 September 2007
Roach v Electoral Commissioner (PDF 32k)


30 August 2007
Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW v Dederer (PDF 32k)
SZFDV v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship; SZATV v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 32k)
Tofilau v The Queen; Marks v The Queen; Hill v The Queen; Clarke v the Queen (PDF 32k)
29 August 2007
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Baxter Healthcare Pty Limited (PDF 34k)
Chang v Laidley Shire Council (PDF 32k)
CGU Insurance Limited v AMP Financial Planning Pty Ltd (PDF 32k)
2 August 2007
SZFDE v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 32k)
Attorney-General for the Northern Territory v Chaffey; Santos Limited v Chaffey (PDF 32k)
Thomas v Mowbray (PDF 32k)
1 August 2007
New South Wales v Corbett (PDF 32k)
Black v Garnock (PDF 31k)


20 June 2007
Libke v The Queen (PDF 32k)
19 June 2007
White v Director of Military Prosecutions (PDF 29k)
14 June 2007
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd v Gacic (PDF 29k)
AJS v The Queen (PDF 26k)
13 June 2007
SZBYR v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 27k)


24 May 2007
Visnic v Australian Securities and Investments Commission; Albarran v Members of the C.A.L.D.B (PDF 33k)
Farah Constructions Pty Ltd v Say-Dee Pty Ltd (PDF 33k)
23 May 2007
Lockwood Security Products Pty Ltd v Doric Products Pty Ltd (No 2) (PDF 32k)
22 May 2007
New South Wales v Fahy (PDF 32k)
16 May 2007
General Motors Acceptance Corp Australia v Southbank Traders Pty Ltd (PDF 32k)


27 April 2007
Bennett v Commonwealth (PDF 32k)
26 April 2007
Burge v Swarbrick (PDF 32k)
20 April 2007
Commonwealth v Cornwell (PDF 32k)
19 April 2007
Golden Eagle International Trading Pty Ltd v Zhang (PDF 32k)
18 April 2007
Bodruddaza v Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (PDF 32k)


22 March 2007
The Queen v Hillier (PDF 32k)
Cornwell v The Queen (PDF 32k)
21 March 2007
The Queen v Taufahema (PDF 32k)
A v New South Wales (PDF 32k)
Attorney-General (Vic) v Andrews (PDF 32k)
1 March 2007
Forsyth v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation (PDF 32k)


28 February 2007
Z v New South Wales Crime Commission (PDF 31k)
Leichhardt Municipal Council v Montgomery (PDF 32k)
22 February 2007
Commissioner of Taxation v McNeil (PDF 32k)
21 February 2007
X v Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (PDF 32k)
6 February 2007
Leach v The Queen (PDF 32k)
1 February 2007
Klein v Minister for Education (PDF 32k)


31 January 2007
Sons of Gwalia Ltd v Margaretic (PDF 32k)
Alan Michael Finch v Telstra Super Pty Ltd, 20 October 2010

Pollock v The Queen, 20 October 2010

Workcover Queensland v AMACA Pty Ltd & ANOR, 20 October 2010

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