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2011 Judgment summaries



14 December 2011
Shahi v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 26k) (RTF 569k)
Amaca Pty Limited (Under NSW Administered Winding Up) v Booth & Anor; and Amaba Pty Limited (Under NSW Administered Winding Up) v Booth & Anor (PDF 24k) (RTF 444k)

8 December 2011
Dale Christopher Handlen v The Queen & Dennis Paul Paddison v The Queen (PDF 26k) (RTF 440k)

7 December 2011
Julian Ronald Moti v The Queen (PDF 27k) (RTF 578k)

6 December 2011
Brett Andrew Green v The Queen & Shane Darrin Quinn v The Queen (PDF 24k) (RTF 440k) 

1 December 2011
Michael Wilson & Partners LTD v Robert Colin Nicholls (PDF 28k) (RTF 572k) 


30 November 2011
Australian Crime Commission v Louise Stoddart & Anor (PDF 28K) (RTF 440K)


26 October 2011
Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions v Malgorzata Barbara Poniatowska (PDF 24k) (RTF 438k)
Adam John Hargraves v The Queen; Daniel Aran Stoten v The Queen (PDF 26k) (RTF 568k)

6 October 2011
AB & AH v State of Western Australia & Anor (PDF 28k) (RTF 440k) 

5 October 2011
Muldrock v The Queen (PDF 26k) (RTF 448k)
Queanbeyan City Council v ACTEW Corporation LTD & Anor (PDF 27k) (RTF 449k)
Shoalhaven City Council v Firedam Civil Engineering Pty Limited (PDF 23k) (RTF 449k)
Tasty Chicks Pty Limited & Ors v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue (PDF 27k) (RTF 450k)
Westport Insurance Corporation & Ors v Gordian Runoff Limited (PDF 27k) (RTF 448k)


28 September 2011
Roy Morgan Research Pty Ltd v Commissioner of Taxation & Anor (PDF 24k) (RTF 569k)
Lithgow City Council v Jackson (PDF 26k) (RTF 439k)

8 September 2011
Momcilovic v The Queen & Ors (PDF 31k) (RTF 447k)

7 September 2011
Jemena Aseet Management (3) Pty Ltd & Ors v Coinvest Limited (PDF 26k) (RTF 574k)


31 August 2011
Plaintiff M70/2011 & Plantiff M106 of 2011 by his Litigation Guardian v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 34k) (RTF 443k) 

22 August 2011
HIH Claims Support Limited v Insurance Australia Limited (PDF 24k) (RTF 439k)

10 August 2011
Amanda Cush v Meryl Lurline Dillon; Leslie Francis Boland v Meryl Lurline Dillon (PDF 33k) (RTF 446k)
Able Seaman Joseph Anthony Peter Haskins v The Commonwealth of Australia / Paul Nicholas v The Commonwealth of Australia & Anor (PDF 24k) (RTF 448k)

3 August 2011
Martin Francis Byrnes & Anor v Clifford Frank Kendle (PDF 28K) (RTF 448K)
Cumerlong Holdings Pty Ltd v Dalcross Properties Pty Ltd (PDF 20K) (RTF 440K)
Green v The Queen; Quinn v The Queen (PDF 24K) (RTF 440K)


23 June 2011
Wainohu v The State of New South of Wales (PDF 31k) (RTF 442k)

22 June 2011
Dasreef Pty Limited v Hawchar (PDF 35k) (RTF 445k)
Maurice Blackburn Cashman v Fiona Helen Brown (PDF 34k) (RTF 451k)

8 June 2011
Gary Ernest White v the Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia (PDF 26k) (RTF 443k)

1 June 2011
The Commissioner of Taxation of the Commonwealth of Australia v BHP Billiton Limited & Ors (PDF 27k) (RTF 444k)
Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Lanepoint Enterprises Pty Ltd (Receivers and Managers Appointed) (PDF 20k) (RTF 439k)
Jemena Gas Networks (NSW) Limited v Mine Subsidence Board (PDF 26k) (RTF 443k)


11 May 2011
Braysich v The Queen (PDF 31k) (RTF 439k)
Springfield Land Corporation (No 2) Pty Ltd & Anor v State of Queensland & Anor (PDF 30k) (RTF 438k)
Insight Vacations Pty Ltd t/as Insight Vacations v Young (PDF 36k) (RTF 445k)

4 May 2011
Kuhl v Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd & Anor (PDF 31k) (RTF 441k)
Roach v The Queen (PDF 34k) (RTF 443k)
SKA v The Queen (PDF 30k) (RTF 442k)


7 April 2011
Danelle Evelyn Miller v Maurin Ashton Miller (PDF 31k) (RTF 440k)
Lacey v Attorney-General of Queensland (PDF 31k) (RTF 438k)


30 March 2011
Stubley v The State of Western Australia (PDF 29k) (RTF 437k)
Noelene Margaret Edwards & Ors v Santos Limited & Ors (PDF 32k) (RTF 447k)

10 March 2011
Hogan v Hinch (PDF 34k) (RTF 441k)

9 March 2011
Leonilda Marcolongo v Yu Po Chen & Anor (PDF 33k) (RTF 445k)


9 February 2011
Minister for Immigration & Citizenship v SZGUR & Anor (PDF 29K) (RTF 263K)
British American Tobacco Australia Services Limited v Laurie & Ors (PDF 33K) (RTF 267K)

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