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For Registry services and support please contact us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Face to face services are no longer provided at the Registry Counter.

Documents for cases should be lodged through the HCA DLS Portal, more information on the DLS Portal is available here: https://www.hcourt.gov.au/digital-lodgment-system/digital-lodgment-system-information

The office hours of the Registry shall be from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Documents must be lodged by 4.00 pm Monday to Friday to be filed on that day, any act done after 4.00 pm on a day shall be taken to have been done on the next day on which the Registry is open.

General information

The information provided in these pages is to assist you in preparing your application.  The information provided here is not a substitute for legal advice. The content of this website is intended for informational purposes only and the court is not providing legal advice by or through the availability of this information.

Links to the High Court Rules and Amendments are available at Filing documents.

Should you have any questions you should contact an Office of the Registry.  A complete list of the offices and their locations is available at the Offices of the Registry page.

There are some frequently used forms available to download.  The forms are available at Forms.

Information regarding fees payable in the High Court of Australia is available at Fees.  The information sheets on this page contain the current fees.

Digital Lodgment System Portal

In 2020 the High Court of Australia moved from a paper-based Court to one that provides for the electronic lodgment of Court documents.

The Digital Lodgment System Portal (DLS Portal) is an external facing portal that allows legal firms, legal practitioners and self-represented litigants to register, file documents, receive notifications and track the progress of their cases around the clock.

The system provides for mandatory electronic lodgment of all documents filed in any case commenced after 1 January 2020.  Register with a simple 3 step process of email verification, registration and approval by the Registry dls.hcourt.gov.au.

HCA Video Connection Hearings - PROTOCOL

 General information sheets

The information sheets on this page contain the current fees. Please check the fees page for the fee schedule.

  • How to commence a civil special leave application if you are representing yourself (PDF 23k) (DOCX 24k
  • How to commence a criminal special leave application if you are representing yourself   (PDF 23k) (DOCX 24k)
  • Information about applications for constitutional or other writs  (PDF 17k) (DOCX 21k)
  • Information about writs of summons (PDF 29k) (DOCX 46k)

Information Sheets on procedures for cases and hearings

  • Information on party categories and the applicable fees (PDF 37k) (DOCX 46k)
  • Information on how to review a refusal of financial hardship waiver (PDF 33k) (DOCX 49k)
  • Information on procedures for Special leave applications after filing (PDF 29k) (DOCX 47K)
  • Information on procedures for Removal applications after filing (PDF 27k) (DOCX 70K)
  • Information on procedures for Constitutional Writs after filing (PDF 19k) (DOCX 21K)
  • Information on preparing application books for Special leave or Removal applications filed before 1 December 2023 (PDF 35k) (DOCX 51k)
  • Information on preparing appeal and other books for matters to be heard by the Full Court  (PDF 45k) (DOCX 48k)
  • Information on appearing in a Special leave or Removal application (PDF 25k) (RTF 1Mb)
  • Information on appearing before the Full Court (PDF 23k) (DOCX 57)
  • Information on how to access the Canberra Building for practitioners (PDF 72k) (RTF 1Mb)
  • Information on the grant of Special leave or referral to an enlarged bench (PDF 36k) (DOCX 30k)