Full Court Minute Books

Case summaries 2008

Cases are shown by hearing date.  Sittings are in Canberra unless otherwise stated.

December 2008 - Melbourne Circuit (PDF 29k)

November 2008 - Adelaide Circuit (PDF 33k)

October 2008 (PDF 32k)

September/October 2008 (PDF 54k)

August/September 2008 (PDF 48k)

July/August 2008 (PDF 55k)

June 2008 - Brisbane Circuit (PDF 34k)

June 2008 (PDF 39k)

May 2008 (PDF 48k)

April 2008 (PDF 54k)

March 2008 (PDF 36k)

February/March 2008 (PDF 40k)

January/February 2008 (PDF 60k)

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