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18 December 2013

Commonwealth Minister for Justice v Adrian Adamas & Anor (PDF 23K) (RTF 482K)

Unions NSW & Ors v State of New South Wales (PDF 20K) (RTF 480K)

Graeme Stephen Reeves v The Queen (PDF 24K) (RTF 480K)

Clark v Macourt (PDF 22K) (RTF 612K)

12 December 2013

The Commonwealth of Australia v The Australian Capital Territory (PDF 20K) (RTF 615K)

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v TPG Internet Pty Ltd (PDF 17K) (RTF 612K)

Plaintiff M76/2013 v Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship & Anor (PDF 22K) (RTF 616K)

6 December 2013

Kline v Official Secretary to the Governor-General & Anor (PDF 21K) (RTF 606K)

4 December 2013

Willmott Growers Group Inc v Willmott Forests Limited (Receivers and Managers Appointed) (In Liquidation) (PDF 24K) (RTF 618K)

Apotex Pty Ltd v Sanofi-Aventis Australia Pty Ltd & Ors (PDF 20K) (RTF 411K)


27 November 2013

Li v Chief of Army (PDF 21K) (RTF 607K)

BCM v The Queen (PDF 21K) (RTF 611K)

06 November 2013

Karpany & Anor v Dietman (PDF 24K) (RTF 619K)

Expense Reduction Analysts Group Pty Ltd & Ors v Armstrong Strategic Management and Marketing Pty Ltd & Ors (PDF 23K) (RTF 485K)

Daly v Thiering & Ors (PDF 16K) (RTF 611K)


30 October 2013

Wingfoot Australia Partners & Anor v Kocak & Ors (PDF 24K) (RTF 482K)

Diehm & Anor v Director of Public Prosecutions (Nauru) (PDF 24K) (RTF 616K)

Comcare v PVYW (PDF 21K) (RTF 483K)

11 October 2013

Magaming v The Queen (PDF 23K) (RTF 679K)

09 October 2013

Lee & Anor v New South Wales Crime Commission (PDF 23K) (RTF 619K)

02 October 2013

Munda v The State of Western Australia (PDF 31K) (RTF 611K)

Bugmy v The Queen (PDF 21K) (RTF 477K)


14 August 2013

Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union v Mammoet Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 22K) (RTF 608K)

Legal Services Board v Gillespie-Jones (PDF 21K) (RTF 481K)

7 August 2013

Fortescue Metals Group Limited & Ors v The Commonwealth of Australia (PDF 24K) (RTF 660K)

Leo Akiba on behalf of the Torres Strait Regional Seas Claim Group v Commonwealth of Australia & Ors (PDF 23K) (RTF 678K)


27 June 2013

Nguyen v. The Queen (PDF 16K) (RTF 616K)

Elias v. The Queen & Anor; Issa v. The Queen & Anor (PDF 21K) (RTF 475K)

Director of Public Prosecutions (Cth) v. JM (PDF 24K) (RTF 688K)

26 June 2013

X7 v. Australian Crime Commission & Anor (PDF 21K) (RTF 677K)

19 June 2013

Maloney v The Queen (PDF 23K) (RTF 617K)

5 June 2013

Robert Agius v The Queen (PDF 20K) (RTF 605K)

The State of New South Wales v Gregory Wayne Kable (PDF 20K) (RTF 482K)

Kakavas v Crown Melbourne Limited (ACN 006 973 262) & Ors (PDF 18K) (RTF 487K)


29 May 2013

Plaintiff M79/2012 v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 24K) (RTF 617K)

10 May 2013

Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd & Ors v Global Gaming Supplies Pty Ltd & Ors; Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd & Ors v Allam & Ors (PDF 21K) (RTF 620K)

8 May 2013

Director of Public Prosecutions (Cth) v Keating (PDF 22K) (RTF 478K)

Wallace v Kam (PDF 21K) (RTF 474K)

Minister for Immigration and Citizenship v Li & Anor (PDF 21K) (RTF 482K)

Beckett v State of New South Wales (PDF 31K) (RTF 473K)

1 May 2013

Commissioner of Taxation v Unit Trend Services Pty ltd (PDF 31K) (RTF 619K)

Tamar Rivqa Beck v Amiram David Weinstock & Ors (PDF 31K) (RTF 619K)

Amiram David Weinstock & Anor v Tamar Rivqa Beck & Anor (PDF 31K) (RTF 619K)


10 April 2013

SZOQQ v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship & Anor (PDF 33K) (RTF 606K)

Castle Constructions Pty Ltd v Sahab Holdings Pty Ltd & Anor (PDF 32K) (RTF 678K)

3 April 2013

Hunt and Hunt Lawyers v Mitchell Morgan Nominees Pty Ltd & Ors (PDF 31K) (RTF 480K)


14 March 2013

Yates v The Queen (PDF 29K) (RTF 471K)

Assistant Commissioner Michael James Condon v Pompano Pty Ltd & Anor (PDF 32K) (RTF 679K)

6 March 2013

TCL Air Conditioner (Zhongshan) Co LTD v The Judges of the Federal Court of Australia & Anor (PDF 20K) (RTF 480K)

Huynh v The Queen, Duong v The Queen, Sem v The Queen (PDF 24K) (RTF 604K)


6 February 2013

Google Inc v Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (PDF 24K) (RTF 484K)

8 February 2013

Commissioner of Police v Eaton & Anor (PDF 24K) (RTF 480K)

27 February 2013

Attorney-General for the State of South Australia v Corporation of the City of Adelaide & Ors (PDF 31K) (RTF 489K)

Monis v The Queen & Anor; Droudis v The Queen & Anor (PDF 31K) (RTF 615K)

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