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Case summaries 2012

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December 2012 (PDF 54k) (RTF 133k)

November 2012 (PDF 50k) (RTF 116k)

October 2012 (PDF 46k) (RTF 103k)

September 2012 (PDF 38k) (RTF 95k)

August 2012 (PDF 97k) (RTF 130k)

June 2012 (PDF 38k) (RTF 84k)

Brisbane 2012 (PDF 34k) (RTF 67k)

May/June 2012 (PDF 34k) (RTF 38k)

May 2012 (PDF 52k) (RTF 129k)

April 2012 (PDF 13k) (RTF 83k)

March 2012 (PDF 50k) (RTF 111k)

February/March 2012 (PDF 53k) (RTF 157k)

January/February 2012 (PDF 65k) (RTF 173k)