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18 December 2013

Commonwealth Minister for Justice v Adrian Adamas & Anor (PDF 23K) (RTF 482K)

Unions NSW & Ors v State of New South Wales (PDF 20K) (RTF 480K)

Graeme Stephen Reeves v The Queen (PDF 24K) (RTF 480K)

Clark v Macourt (PDF 22K) (RTF 612K)

12 December 2013

The Commonwealth of Australia v The Australian Capital Territory (PDF 20K) (RTF 615K)

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v TPG Internet Pty Ltd (PDF 17K) (RTF 612K)

Plaintiff M76/2013 v Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship & Anor (PDF 22K) (RTF 616K)

6 December 2013

Kline v Official Secretary to the Governor-General & Anor (PDF 21K) (RTF 606K)

4 December 2013

Willmott Growers Group Inc v Willmott Forests Limited (Receivers and Managers Appointed) (In Liquidation) (PDF 24K) (RTF 618K)

Apotex Pty Ltd v Sanofi-Aventis Australia Pty Ltd & Ors (PDF 20K) (RTF 411K)


27 November 2013

Li v Chief of Army (PDF 21K) (RTF 607K)

BCM v The Queen (PDF 21K) (RTF 611K)

06 November 2013

Karpany & Anor v Dietman (PDF 24K) (RTF 619K)

Expense Reduction Analysts Group Pty Ltd & Ors v Armstrong Strategic Management and Marketing Pty Ltd & Ors (PDF 23K) (RTF 485K)

Daly v Thiering & Ors (PDF 16K) (RTF 611K)


30 October 2013

Wingfoot Australia Partners & Anor v Kocak & Ors (PDF 24K) (RTF 482K)

Diehm & Anor v Director of Public Prosecutions (Nauru) (PDF 24K) (RTF 616K)

Comcare v PVYW (PDF 21K) (RTF 483K)

11 October 2013

Magaming v The Queen (PDF 23K) (RTF 679K)

09 October 2013

Lee & Anor v New South Wales Crime Commission (PDF 23K) (RTF 619K)

02 October 2013

Munda v The State of Western Australia (PDF 31K) (RTF 611K)

Bugmy v The Queen (PDF 21K) (RTF 477K)


14 August 2013

Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union v Mammoet Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 22K) (RTF 608K)

Legal Services Board v Gillespie-Jones (PDF 21K) (RTF 481K)

7 August 2013

Fortescue Metals Group Limited & Ors v The Commonwealth of Australia (PDF 24K) (RTF 660K)

Leo Akiba on behalf of the Torres Strait Regional Seas Claim Group v Commonwealth of Australia & Ors (PDF 23K) (RTF 678K)


27 June 2013

Nguyen v. The Queen (PDF 16K) (RTF 616K)

Elias v. The Queen & Anor; Issa v. The Queen & Anor (PDF 21K) (RTF 475K)

Director of Public Prosecutions (Cth) v. JM (PDF 24K) (RTF 688K)

26 June 2013

X7 v. Australian Crime Commission & Anor (PDF 21K) (RTF 677K)

19 June 2013

Maloney v The Queen (PDF 23K) (RTF 617K)

5 June 2013

Robert Agius v The Queen (PDF 20K) (RTF 605K)

The State of New South Wales v Gregory Wayne Kable (PDF 20K) (RTF 482K)

Kakavas v Crown Melbourne Limited (ACN 006 973 262) & Ors (PDF 18K) (RTF 487K)


29 May 2013

Plaintiff M79/2012 v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 24K) (RTF 617K)

10 May 2013

Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd & Ors v Global Gaming Supplies Pty Ltd & Ors; Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd & Ors v Allam & Ors (PDF 21K) (RTF 620K)

8 May 2013

Director of Public Prosecutions (Cth) v Keating (PDF 22K) (RTF 478K)

Wallace v Kam (PDF 21K) (RTF 474K)

Minister for Immigration and Citizenship v Li & Anor (PDF 21K) (RTF 482K)

Beckett v State of New South Wales (PDF 31K) (RTF 473K)

1 May 2013

Commissioner of Taxation v Unit Trend Services Pty ltd (PDF 31K) (RTF 619K)

Tamar Rivqa Beck v Amiram David Weinstock & Ors (PDF 31K) (RTF 619K)

Amiram David Weinstock & Anor v Tamar Rivqa Beck & Anor (PDF 31K) (RTF 619K)


10 April 2013

SZOQQ v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship & Anor (PDF 33K) (RTF 606K)

Castle Constructions Pty Ltd v Sahab Holdings Pty Ltd & Anor (PDF 32K) (RTF 678K)

3 April 2013

Hunt and Hunt Lawyers v Mitchell Morgan Nominees Pty Ltd & Ors (PDF 31K) (RTF 480K)


14 March 2013

Yates v The Queen (PDF 29K) (RTF 471K)

Assistant Commissioner Michael James Condon v Pompano Pty Ltd & Anor (PDF 32K) (RTF 679K)

6 March 2013

TCL Air Conditioner (Zhongshan) Co LTD v The Judges of the Federal Court of Australia & Anor (PDF 20K) (RTF 480K)

Huynh v The Queen, Duong v The Queen, Sem v The Queen (PDF 24K) (RTF 604K)


6 February 2013

Google Inc v Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (PDF 24K) (RTF 484K)

8 February 2013

Commissioner of Police v Eaton & Anor (PDF 24K) (RTF 480K)

27 February 2013

Attorney-General for the State of South Australia v Corporation of the City of Adelaide & Ors (PDF 31K) (RTF 489K)

Monis v The Queen & Anor; Droudis v The Queen & Anor (PDF 31K) (RTF 615K)

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13 December 2012

Newcrest Mining Limited v Thornton (PDF 20K) (RTF 612K)

Tahiri v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 24K) (RTF 476K

12 December 2012

Certain Lloyds Underwriters Subscribing to Contract No IH00AAQS v Cross (S417/2012); Certain Lloyds Underwriters Subscribing to Contract No IH00AAQS v Thelander (S418/2012); Certain Lloyds Underwriters Subscribing to Contract No IH00AAQS v Thelander (PDF 24K) (RTF 64K)

State of New South Wales v Williamson (PDF 24K) (RTF 64K)

The Public Service Association and Professional Officers' Association Amalgamated of NSW v Director of Public Employment & Ors (PDF 24K) (RTF 610K)

Baini v The Queen (PDF 20K) (RTF 612K)

5 December 2012

Commissioner of Taxation v Consolidated Media Holdings Ltd (PDF 24K) (RTF 606K)

Westfield Management Limited as Trustee for the Westart Trust v AMP Capital Property Nominees Limited as Nominees of Unisuper Limited in its Capacity as Trustee of the Complying Superannuation Fund Known as Unisuper (PDF 24K) (RTF 608K)

Papaconstuntinos v Holmes a Court (PDF 24K) (RTF 604K)


15 November 2012

Stanford v Stanford (PDF 24K) (RTF 616K)

14 November 2012

Mansfield v The Queen & Anor; Kizon v The Queen & Anor (PDF 24K) (RTF 612K)

Cooper v The Queen (PDF 20K) (RTF 608K)

Mills v Commissioner of Taxation (PDF 24K) (RTF 476K)

6 November 2012

Montevento Holdings pty Ltd & Anor v Scaffidi & Anor (PDF 20k) (RTF 476k)

RCB as Litigation Guardian of EKV, CEV, CIV and LRV v The Honourable Justice Colin James Forrest, one of the judgesof the Family Court of Australia & ORS (PDF 24k) (RTF 492k)


5 October 2012

JT International SA v. Commonwealth of Australia         
British American Tobacco Australasia Limited and Ors v. The Commonwealth of Australia (PDF 20K) (RTF 616K)

Harbour Radio Pty Limited v Trad (PDF 24K) (RTF 480K)

International Litigation Partners Pte Ltd v. Chameleon Mining NL (Receivers and Managers Appointed) and Ors (PDF 20K) (RTF 480K)

Plaintiff M47/2012 v. Director General of Security and Ors (PDF 24K) (RTF 488K)

2 October 2012

Forrest v Australian Securities and Investments Commission & Anor
Fortescue Metals Group Ltd v Australian Securities and Investments Commission & Anor (PDF 36K) (RTF 616K)

Barclay v Penberthy & Ors
Penberthy & Anor v Barclay & Ors (PDF 36K) (RTF 616K)

Commissioner of Taxation v Qantas Airways Limited (PDF 32K) (RTF 476)


14 September 2012

Natalie Burns v The Queen (PDF 24k) (RTF 476k)
Dimitrios Likiardopoulos v The Queen (PDF 24k) (RTF 484k)

The Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd & Anor v Australian Competition Tribunal & Ors;
The National Competition Council v Hamersley Iron Pty Ltd & Ors;
The National Competition Council v Robe River Mining Co Pty Ltd & Ors (PDF 24k) (RTF 616k)

11 September 2012

Raymond Howard Lyle Douglass v The Queen (PDF 24k) (RTF 484k)

7 September 2012

Plaintiff S10/2011 v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship & Anor;
Kaur v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship & Anor;
Plaintiff S49/2011 v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship & Anor;
Plaintiff S51/2011 v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship & Anor (PDF 20k) (RTF 476)

Board of Bendigo Regional Institute of Technical and Further Education v Gregory Paul Barclay & Anor (PDF 24k) (RTF 608)

P T Garuda Indonesia Ltd v Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (PDF 20k) (RTF 476k)

6 September 2012
Andrews v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (PDF 32k) (RTF 476k)


24 August 2012
Jayant Mukundray Patel v The Queen (PDF 24k) (RTF 448k) 

15 August 2012
Khalid Baker v The Queen (PDF 36K) (RTF 484K)
Minister for Home Affairs of the Commonwealth & Ors v Charles Zentai & Ors (PDF 36K) (RTF 480K)
JT International SA v Commonwealth of Australia; British American Tobacco Australasia Limited & Ors v Commonwealth of Australia (PDF 28K) (RTF 472K)

10 August 2012
The Queen v Khazaal (PDF 36K) (RTF 480K)


11 July 2012
Public Service Association of South Australia Incorporated v Industrial Relations Commission of South Australia & Anor (PDF 32K) (RTF 480k) 


20 June 2012
Kinza Clodumar v Nauru Lands Committee & Ors (PDF 36k) (RTF 484k)
Ronald Williams v the Commonwealth of Australia & Ors (PDF 38k) (RTF 490k)
Trent Nathan King v the Queen (PDF 35k) (RTF 475k)


30 May 2012
PGA v The Queen (PDF 31k) (RTF 477k)

4 May 2012
Kevin Garry Crump v State of New South Wales (PDF 32K) (RTF 476K)
Australian Education Union v General Manager of Fair Work Australia (PDF 37K) (RTF 479K) 

3 May 2012
Peter James Shafron v Australian Securities and Investments Commission (PDF32K) (RTF 418K)
Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Meredith Hellicar & Ors (PDF 35K) (RTF 412K)


20 April 2012
Roadshow Films Pty Ltd & Ors v iiNet Limited (PDF 33K) (RTF 478K) 

18 April 2012
Aytugrul v The Queen (PDF 33K) (RTF 476K)


30 March 2012
Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd v The Queen (PDF 32K) (RTF 478K)
Sportsbet Pty Ltd v State of New South Wales & Ors (PDF 37K) (RTF 484K)
Betfair Pty Limited v Racing New South Wales & Ors (PDF 36K) (RTF 482K)

29 March 2012
The Commissioner of Taxation of the Commonwealth of Australia v Bargwanna & Bargwanna (As trustees of the Kalos Metron Charitable Trust) (PDF 37K) (RTF 478K)

28 March 2012
The Queen v Getachew (PDF 33K) (RTF 482K)
BBH v The Queen (PDF 30K) (RTF 477K)
Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited & Ors v. Commonwealth of Australia & Ors (PDF 24K) (RTF 482k)

8 March 2012
Equuscorp Pty Ltd (formerly Equus Financial Services Ltd) v Haxton; Equuscorp Pty Ltd (formerly Equus Financial Services Ltd) v Bassat; Equuscorp Pty Ltd (formerly Equus Financial Services Ltd) v Cunningham's Warehouse Sales Pty Ltd (PDF 39k) (RTF 489k)
ALH Group Property Holdings Pty Limited v. Chief Commissioner of State Revenue
(PDF 34k) (RTF 483k)

7 March 2012
Strong v. Woolworths Limited T/as Big W and Anor (PDF 34k) (RTF 477k)


29 February 2012
Lex Patrick Wotton v The State of Queensland & Anor (PDF 35k) (RTF 483k)
Australian Education Union v Department of Education and Children's Services (PDF 33k) (RTF 480k)
Roslyn Edwina Waller v Hargraves Secured Investments Limited (PDF 34k) (RTF 479k)

9 February 2012
Kieu Thi Bui v Director of Public Prosecutions for the Commonwealth of Australia (PDF 34k) (RTF 483k)

In July 2010 the Court agreed to host a public lecture series, beginning in the first half of 2011. The lectures, which focus on constitutional and historical themes, are delivered in Courtroom 1 and are presided over by a Justice.

"More than a Rule book: Identity and the Australian Constitution" by Professor Adrienne Stone, 9 November 2022  (Video/paper)

"Common Law Constitutionalism Again", by The Rt Hon Dame Sian Elias, Chief Justice of New Zealand, 7 November 2018 (PDF)

"Judges, Justice and Public Power: The Constitution and The Rule of Law in South Africa" by The Hon Justice Edwin Cameron, 11 October 2017 (Video / paper)

"The Awkward Question: Will it Write?" by the Hon Nicholas Hasluck AM QC, 5 October 2016  (PDF 100K) (RTF 158K)

"Magna Carta and the Development of the Common Law" by Professor Brand, University of Oxford, 13 May 2015 (Video / paper)

"The Story Behind the Land Boundaries of the Australian States - A Legal and Historical Overview" by Dr Gerard Carney, 10 April 2013 (PDF 415K) (RTF 298K)

"The Unrecognised Reserve Powers" by Professor Anne Twomey, 14 November 2012 (PDF 153K) (RTF 114K)

"Judicial Engagement in the High Court of Australia" by Professor Cheryl Saunders AO, 20 June 2012 (PDF 231K) (RTF 54K)

"Anomalous Occurrences in Unusual Circumstances’? Towards a History of Extra-Judicial Activity by High Court Justices" by Professor Fiona Wheeler, 30 November 2011 (PDF 232K) (RTF 300K)

On 8 June 2011 the inaugural lecture was delivered by Professor John M Williams, Dean of the Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide: ‘Swelling the ranks of the peripatetic unemployed’: The first decade of the High Court of Australia' (PDF 279k) (RTF 188k)





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