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"Judicial Independence", North Queensland Law Association Conference, 30 May 2008 (PDF 65k) (RTF 78k)








30 MAY 2008


The Honourable Justice Kiefel

High Court of Australia

The High Court has published a general overview brochure for visitors below:

These brochures are also available in:

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For copies of brochures and requests for translations into other languages, please contact the Manager Public Information at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



14 December 2011
Shahi v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 26k) (RTF 569k)
Amaca Pty Limited (Under NSW Administered Winding Up) v Booth & Anor; and Amaba Pty Limited (Under NSW Administered Winding Up) v Booth & Anor (PDF 24k) (RTF 444k)

8 December 2011
Dale Christopher Handlen v The Queen & Dennis Paul Paddison v The Queen (PDF 26k) (RTF 440k)

7 December 2011
Julian Ronald Moti v The Queen (PDF 27k) (RTF 578k)

6 December 2011
Brett Andrew Green v The Queen & Shane Darrin Quinn v The Queen (PDF 24k) (RTF 440k) 

1 December 2011
Michael Wilson & Partners LTD v Robert Colin Nicholls (PDF 28k) (RTF 572k) 


30 November 2011
Australian Crime Commission v Louise Stoddart & Anor (PDF 28K) (RTF 440K)


26 October 2011
Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions v Malgorzata Barbara Poniatowska (PDF 24k) (RTF 438k)
Adam John Hargraves v The Queen; Daniel Aran Stoten v The Queen (PDF 26k) (RTF 568k)

6 October 2011
AB & AH v State of Western Australia & Anor (PDF 28k) (RTF 440k) 

5 October 2011
Muldrock v The Queen (PDF 26k) (RTF 448k)
Queanbeyan City Council v ACTEW Corporation LTD & Anor (PDF 27k) (RTF 449k)
Shoalhaven City Council v Firedam Civil Engineering Pty Limited (PDF 23k) (RTF 449k)
Tasty Chicks Pty Limited & Ors v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue (PDF 27k) (RTF 450k)
Westport Insurance Corporation & Ors v Gordian Runoff Limited (PDF 27k) (RTF 448k)


28 September 2011
Roy Morgan Research Pty Ltd v Commissioner of Taxation & Anor (PDF 24k) (RTF 569k)
Lithgow City Council v Jackson (PDF 26k) (RTF 439k)

8 September 2011
Momcilovic v The Queen & Ors (PDF 31k) (RTF 447k)

7 September 2011
Jemena Aseet Management (3) Pty Ltd & Ors v Coinvest Limited (PDF 26k) (RTF 574k)


31 August 2011
Plaintiff M70/2011 & Plantiff M106 of 2011 by his Litigation Guardian v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 34k) (RTF 443k) 

22 August 2011
HIH Claims Support Limited v Insurance Australia Limited (PDF 24k) (RTF 439k)

10 August 2011
Amanda Cush v Meryl Lurline Dillon; Leslie Francis Boland v Meryl Lurline Dillon (PDF 33k) (RTF 446k)
Able Seaman Joseph Anthony Peter Haskins v The Commonwealth of Australia / Paul Nicholas v The Commonwealth of Australia & Anor (PDF 24k) (RTF 448k)

3 August 2011
Martin Francis Byrnes & Anor v Clifford Frank Kendle (PDF 28K) (RTF 448K)
Cumerlong Holdings Pty Ltd v Dalcross Properties Pty Ltd (PDF 20K) (RTF 440K)
Green v The Queen; Quinn v The Queen (PDF 24K) (RTF 440K)


23 June 2011
Wainohu v The State of New South of Wales (PDF 31k) (RTF 442k)

22 June 2011
Dasreef Pty Limited v Hawchar (PDF 35k) (RTF 445k)
Maurice Blackburn Cashman v Fiona Helen Brown (PDF 34k) (RTF 451k)

8 June 2011
Gary Ernest White v the Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia (PDF 26k) (RTF 443k)

1 June 2011
The Commissioner of Taxation of the Commonwealth of Australia v BHP Billiton Limited & Ors (PDF 27k) (RTF 444k)
Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Lanepoint Enterprises Pty Ltd (Receivers and Managers Appointed) (PDF 20k) (RTF 439k)
Jemena Gas Networks (NSW) Limited v Mine Subsidence Board (PDF 26k) (RTF 443k)


11 May 2011
Braysich v The Queen (PDF 31k) (RTF 439k)
Springfield Land Corporation (No 2) Pty Ltd & Anor v State of Queensland & Anor (PDF 30k) (RTF 438k)
Insight Vacations Pty Ltd t/as Insight Vacations v Young (PDF 36k) (RTF 445k)

4 May 2011
Kuhl v Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd & Anor (PDF 31k) (RTF 441k)
Roach v The Queen (PDF 34k) (RTF 443k)
SKA v The Queen (PDF 30k) (RTF 442k)


7 April 2011
Danelle Evelyn Miller v Maurin Ashton Miller (PDF 31k) (RTF 440k)
Lacey v Attorney-General of Queensland (PDF 31k) (RTF 438k)


30 March 2011
Stubley v The State of Western Australia (PDF 29k) (RTF 437k)
Noelene Margaret Edwards & Ors v Santos Limited & Ors (PDF 32k) (RTF 447k)

10 March 2011
Hogan v Hinch (PDF 34k) (RTF 441k)

9 March 2011
Leonilda Marcolongo v Yu Po Chen & Anor (PDF 33k) (RTF 445k)


9 February 2011
Minister for Immigration & Citizenship v SZGUR & Anor (PDF 29K) (RTF 263K)
British American Tobacco Australia Services Limited v Laurie & Ors (PDF 33K) (RTF 267K)

The Court has its own Court reporting service which provides an accurate transcript of the proceedings of the High Court for the use of the Justices. The High Court’s transcript is a record of its proceedings and includes the full text of citations referred to by counsel during the hearings. The transcript is also made available, in paper form and electronically on the AustLII website at and on the Jade website at to legal practitioners, litigants and other interested persons. The transcript is usually available the day after the Court rising in Canberra. Transcripts of special leave applications and cases heard on circuit are available in paper form and on the AustLII website within a few days of the hearing. Transcripts dating back to 1994 are available on that site.

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