National Judicial College of Australia Conference: “Notes on Judging” by Justice Jayne Jagot (delivered in Brisbane on 26 March 2023) - (PDF)


Minds Count Annual Lecture 2023: “Burning Bright Without Burning Out” by Justice Jayne Jagot (delivered in Sydney on 24 August 2023) - (PDF)







30 MAY 2008


The Honourable Justice Kiefel

High Court of Australia

Audio-visual recording of Speech

Case: More than a Rule book: "Identity and the Australian Constitution" by Professor Adrienne Stone, 9 November 2022

Date: 09 November 2022

Transcript: Hearing

AV time:  1h 01m


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“Women in Law: How Far Have We Come, and Where to From Here?”, Brennan Justice Address, University of Technology Sydney, 20 March 2023. (DOC) (PDF)


“Thinking About the Bigger Picture: Government Lawyers and Australian Democracy”, AGS Administrative Law Forum, National Gallery of Australia, 30 November 2022. (DOC) (PDF)

“Court Education Is Not Just For Lawyers”, Kathleen Burrow Research Institute Lecture, University of Sydney, 5 October 2022 (DOC) (PDF)

“Judicial Independence and Liberal Democracy”, speech delivered to the Australian Academy of Law, Law Courts building, Sydney, 22 August 2022 (DOC) (PDF)

“Advancing Judicial Legitimacy: the Stakes and the Means”, speech for the commencement of the National Judicial Orientation Program, Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Gold Coast, 3 April 2022(DOC) (PDF)


“Human Dignity in the Time of John Hubert Plunkett”, 10th Annual JH Plunkett Lecture, Francis Forbes Society for Australian Legal History, Sydney, 19 August 2021(DOC) (PDF)




Chapter 8 “Equitable Damages”, by Justice James Edelman in Ben McFarlane and Steven Elliott KC (eds), “Equity Today 150 Years After the Judicature Reforms” (Hart Publishing, 29 June 2023) - (PDF)

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30 MAY 2008


The Honourable Justice Kiefel

High Court of Australia

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